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Smoothie Phobia

Okay, so I’m that girl who can chug a chocolate protein shake with the best of them!!!!  But then you start talking all the crazy smoothie madness and start adding things like dark leafy greens, chia seeds, AND other things I probably can’t pronounce and I start freaking out a little bit!!!  Yes, I am an adult over a CERTAIN age that we don’t necessarily need to discuss here…LOL!!!  So I’m kind of ready to delve into the smoothie pool, and I’m going to try this Berry Bliss Smoothie recipe that I found today.  Click here for recipe.

So now that I put this commitment out there for all of you to witness, I will follow through with IT!!!  However, I do need to shop for the ingredients first because you know I don’t have them in the house.  So I will have to give this smoothie a whirl this weekend!!  Please wish me luck because trust ME I need it.

Have a beautiful day!

xoxo~Kelly ??

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