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I love a refreshing glass of strawberry lemonade in the summer and those classic flavors can now be found in my oven.

As per, these simple cake-mix swirl cookies combine the best of both strawberry and lemon worlds.  Simply mix up both cookie batters, and roll together two pieces of dough to form a single dough ball, then have fun watching as they bake up in a cute “swirl” cookie design.  Click here for the recipe.

These Strawberry Lemonade Cookies look really yummy and the icing that you can make to go on top of them looks like it would only make them taste better.  I’ve never tried to make cookies using cake batter before, but they look like they would be really fluffy and moist.  I can’t wait to make these for my family.  I’m sure they will become a hit!!

What are some of your favorite cookie recipes?  Have you ever baked cookies using cake batter before?  Please leave your comments below.

Have a beautiful day!

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