The most important part of a beauty routine is taking care of your skin.

Nina uses PEARL + LUXURY SOAP when she needs a gentle, but deep clean. It is comprised of crushed pearl and charcoal; the charcoal helps absorb impurities and the pearl moisturizers your skin. It is even gentle enough for your face!

To turn the clock back on your skin, try REVIVE’S MOISTURIZING RENEWAL SERUM. Nina wears this every night and wakes up feeling naturally refreshed with dewy skin.

Start off your day right with PHILOSOPHY’S TIME IN A BOTTLE SERUM. It has an impressive mix of antioxidants to protect and perfect your skin throughout the day. Nina uses this on a daily basis to keep her skin healthy and smooth.

Top it all off with the perfect head of hair. FREDERIC FEKKAI’S PRX REPARATIVES INTENSIVE FORTIFYING MASK is one of Nina’s go-to products to rejuvenate her hair. It’s the perfect cure all for when your hair looks exhausted, whether it has been colored one too many times, recovering from long beach days or just needs a quick boost. Use this mask for gorgeous hair through winter.

Seal your hair with Nina’s tried and true product: SACHAJUAN’S HAIR REPAIR. They use “Ocean Silk Technology” to add moisture and shine to hair. Use it when you are traveling or when your hair is especially frizzy.

Source:  Quarterly Co.

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