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It feels like those summer nights are flying by so quickly now!  I’m NOT ready to say goodbye to summer yet and everything that goes along with the end of summer.  Kids going back to school, the colder weather, and busier schedules.  I love the more laid back days of summer and definitely love being able to wear less clothing.  I love my sandals and hate wearing coats!!!  So summer is my THING!!!

I love creating stylish collections on Polyvore!  It’s so fun to do, especially when I pick out expensive pieces that aren’t usually in my budget…oh, maybe someday they will be.  ?

Summer Nigts


Summer Nights by kelly-rodriguez featuring a rockabilly dress

Rockabilly dress

Platform shoes

Black purse

Translucent face powder
$31 –

Nars cosmetic


Have a beautiful day!

xoxo~Kelly ??

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