Book Cover (U.S. Edition)
Book Cover (U.K. Edition)

Shopaholic to the Rescue is nearly here!!!  The book covers for Sophie Kinsella’s newest Shopaholic book have been released.  I love both of the book covers.

The UK edition is out on October 22, while the US and Canada version is out on October 27.

The book is available to pre-order here:

In the UK: Amazon | Google Play | HiveKobo | Waterstones | WHSmith | Kindle | iBooks | Nook

In the US: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Powell’s | BAM | IndieBound | Walmart | Kindle | iBooks | Nook

Click here for Canada.


I am a big Sophie Kinsella fan!  I especially love her Shopaholic series of books.  I cannot wait for this newest book to drop on October 27.  Are you going to pick it up?

Have a beautiful day!

xoxo~Kelly ??

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