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I was chosen to be a Chatterbox for Tory Johnson’s new book Shift for Good.

I received my chat pack which included:

  • (1) Prepublication copy hardcover SHIFT FOR GOOD
  • (1) Letter from Tory with some helpful tips
  • (4) Keepsake SHIFT journals
  • (2) SHIFT FOR GOOD wristbrands
  • (2) SHIFT FOR GOOD magnets

Amazon Book Description

Good Morning America contributor Tory Johnson truly believed that she would live happily ever if only she could lose weight. She seemed to be well on her way to that ever-lasting joy after losing 62 pounds in a year–a journey she detailed in her inspirational #1 New York Times bestseller The Shift. But as her initial euphoria began to subside, Tory realized that other areas in her life could use improvement as well. Buoyed by her success in weight loss, Tory began to apply the principles she had learned through The Shift to these other areas–work, relationships, money, and more–with the same patient tenacity. To her joy she soon saw that her Shift had only begun! In Shift for Good Tory delivers her remarkable results: how doors opened, relationships deepened, opportunity abounded in every direction–and all through taking small, simple, persistent actions.

Shift for Good is such an amazing inspirational book that is filled with specific tips and encouragement that I can apply to my every day life.  Loving yourself, taking care of yourself, feeding yourself are all things that I learned in this book.  You really need to put yourself first so that you have the strength and energy to take care of your family and those you love.  You also need to do this to be able to put your best foot forward at work or anything else you do in life.

I really enjoyed this book and want to read her other book The Shift where Tory discusses her weight loss story.  Check out Tory’s website by clicking here.

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